Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Encouraging Quotes When Losing Hair With Cancer

First Carmen was once painted on Sunday morning. He did it on my knees (in all senses, because the ink came into my pants) and Clarín magazine, on versions of Omar Khayyam Rubayat Javier Almuzara. He made a lot of funny to see the stroke that left indelible shaky and hand. I saw, as I wanted or Almuzara Omar, who knows and cares, a the graceful swaying in the breeze rose .

The first time I gave it a category was Sunday afternoon, Divine Mercy Sunday. Kicking a football as he tied his shoes and set foot on the wall. He stood still, but wept bitterly, not for the pain (it was a cat-touch), but for life, and he was right, as the apple of Góngora. His mother heard something strange in that metaphysical crying and asked, "What happened?" "Nothing" I lied. As Carmen is very good, then forgive me and fell to the ground, to walk, my hand with their brand new shoes very well tied.


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